🔍Build an NFT Finder Site with CRANQ and Bubble

We'll be using the powerful NFTPort API

We will create a powerful NFT Finder site for the Ethereum chain using No-Code in CRANQ and Bubble. No prior coding experience is required, and all the tools used are free.

First, we will use CRANQ to access an NFTPort API with no-code, and then we will expose that as a CRANQ API using no-code. Then, we will create a minimal UI front end in bubble.io, so that you can access the CRANQ API and search for NFTs based on title and description.

You will learn how to:

  • Access an API using CRANQ

  • Manipulate data with error handling

  • Wrap your code as an API

  • Test your API using ngrok and RESTED

  • Build a front-end for your API

You will use the following resources:

CRANQ Bubble Free read only sample of this project NGROK RESTED

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