🦜Build an AI-Powered WhatsApp Voice Messaging Bot

Want to send VMs to chatGPT, and receive AI VMs back? This project uses the WhatsApp, Azure and OpenAI APIs to deliver a magical interaction.

We will use the WhatsApp API, Azure Speech, and the chatGPT / OpenAI API to build a powerful AI chatbot that you can VM from Whatsapp, and receive an AI voice response. Amaze your friends, and the world, with this cool project, and at the same time build your CRANQ low-code skills.

We will do all this without writing a single line of code, simply dragging and dropping within CRANQ (although you will have to sign up for the relevant APIs). Along the way, we will experiment with talking to OpenAI’s GPT3 models, recognizing your voice and also making some virtual actors to read texts for you.

Pre-Requisites (apart from CRANQ!)


Azure Speech Services Speech-to-Text

Azure Speech Services Text-to-Speech



Checkpoint 1

Checkpoint 2

WhatsApp project starting template

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