CRANQ reference course
Welcome to the CRANQ reference course! The intention of these tutorials, is to provide:
  • A step by step guide to programming in CRANQ
  • A set of examples for typical development scenarios, especially for transitioning from imperative languages
Like CRANQ itself, the documentation is also under constant development. We will constantly update this course as we add new features and capabilities.


This tutorial assumes, that the reader is already familiar with the concept of CRANQ, the UI, and it's interactions - check out our CRANQ 101 video course to learn the basics!

How to use this guide

Use it as a course:
The examples in this guide are structured in a way, that they can be consumed as a course, walking through the various aspects of CRANQ. Just open up the first section to get started!
Use it as a quick reference:
However, it can also be used as a quick reference guide, to get inspiration for solving typical programming tasks. Find the topic you are looking for in the list below!

How to try the examples

Each example in this tutorial is included with your installation of CRANQ. With each example, you will find a section, such as this:
Try out:
Place node tutorials/flow/Fork example
Just search for this node in CRANQ, place it on your canvas, wire it to a start/log node, and you are good to go.


Using APIs

  • Coming soon

Working with file IO

  • Coming soon

Working with OS processes

  • Coming soon