👍Getting Started With CRANQ

In these four videos, CRANQ's Inventor Dan Stocker will get you building production-quality custom services without any coding. You're on your way to your low-code future!

Lesson 1: Your First CRANQ App

You're going to be amazed how quickly you can be up and running on CRANQ, even if you have absolutely no prior coding experience. Let's start with the CRANQ canvas, how to add nodes, and connect them. We're also going to access an open Yahoo Finance API.

Lesson 2: Processing Data and Grouping Nodes

You've successfully accessed an API and retrieved the ETH exchange rate. Now it's time to make a currency converter, and group CRANQ nodes into logical processes.

Lesson 3: Prototypes & Instances

We're all set with ETH, now let's add a couple more tokens. Along the way, we're going to find out about node Prototypes and Instances inside CRANQ.

Lesson 3

Lesson 4: The Sync Node

We've generated some useful real-time exchange rate information. Now let's combine it into a Dictionary with the Sync node. What will you build next? Tell us about it on our Discord channel.

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