Enjoy your very first steps on CRANQ. It's easy to get started with CRANQ, and soon you will be finding and connecting components, and bringing your dream to life.

First steps - From "Hello World" to "List iterator"

Step 1 - "Hello World"

Objective: We're going to write "Hello World" to the console using CRANQ. PS You should already have installed CRANQ.
New concepts:
  • connecting nodes
  • running the app
  • checking the output
  • deleting a connection
  • inserting a new node from search
  • setting descriptive node names
  • storing/reading static values in/from [Store] nodes
  • logging data to the output
Simple Hello World app in Cranq"

Step 2 - Concatenate strings

Objective: Append "!" to "Hello World" using a Concatenator node.
New concepts:
  • moving nodes
  • moving the canvas
  • showing/hiding inspector panel
  • using the [Concatenator] node
  • connecting nodes (input to output this time)
"Improved Hello World app in Cranq"

Step 3 - Chain transformations

Objective: Handling multiple values and chaining multiple transformations
New concepts:
  • chaining multiple transformations
  • providing start signal to every node (direct or indirect)
"Chain transformations in Cranq"

Step 4 - Create a reusable custom node

Objective: Wrap multi-step transformation into a reusable Structure node
New concepts:
  • deleting nodes
  • creating new structure node
  • setting the name of the new node and its prototype
  • creating and name input and output ports
  • entering and exiting a structure node
  • connecting nodes to their parents input/output ports
"Create custom node in Cranq"

Step 5 - Reuse custom node

Objective: Reuse the created custom node with different parameters
New concepts:
  • same output can be input of multiple nodes
  • adding a custom node via Search (using prototype name)
"Reuse custom node in Cranq"

Step 6 - Get parameters from a list and iterate

Objective: Replace multiple parameters by an array, and iterate through that array
New concepts:
  • using the store the hold a list value
  • iterating through a list
  • debugging signals with [Data logger]
  • synchronizing list iteration with a static input
"Iterate over an array in Cranq"